Getting Organized (College)

Well, it’s that time of year again to go back to school. I am finally in my last year of college (doing that 5th year senior victory lap) and I wanted to share what I do to stay on top of my crazy schedule and keep track of everything I need/want to do.

Daily Planner:

I love my new planner from Anthropologie (find it here) and I’ve been using multi color Bick pens to help me stay organized. It has both daily and monthly pages and I like the small boxes next to the lines on the weekly pages so you can add any to-do tasks and check them off. I put everything in here from my class schedule, internship days, work schedule, birthdays, vacations, planned hangouts and assignment due dates. Having an organized planner is definitely important and this size is perfect to throw in my bag so I can keep it with me since I’m constantly on the go.

Wall Calendar:

If you’re more of a visual person a wall or desk calendar is definitely good to have! This is a good dry-erase option! I’m definitely going to get one once I move into the new house.

iPhone Calendar:

I’m definitely not consistent with the use of my Calendar on my iPhone, but I definitely put in certain events, like meeting, and set a reminder (or 2, or 3..) to pop up on my phone because I’m always on it and won’t miss it or forget. I think once I switch my computer over to a Mac I’ll be more likely to utilize the iCalendar since I can easily sync it between my phone and computer.

I know we all get busy and it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything. Hopefully some of these ideas help! Oh, and don’t forget to pencil in fun activities every once and a while 😉

x Marissa


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