Travel Guide for Weekend Trips (Europe)

For those of you who know me personally I know you are all tired of me talking about my study abroad trip this past January through May so I am keeping this short. It was the most incredible 5 months of my life where I got to travel to beautiful and amazing cities around Europe, as well as meet some of the best people in the world (literally), so I wanted to share some travel info you might find useful.

Where I Stayed:

Paris, France – AirBnb Apartment

Excellent location to the Eiffel Tower and incredibly nice host!

Vienna, Austria – Hostel

Clean, comfortable, and a bar on location that you get a free drink ticket for upon check-in. 

Prague, Czech Republic – Hostel

Great location, friendly staff, clean and renovated bathrooms, clean rooms.

Dublin, Ireland – Hostel 1

was only here for one night. Friendly staff, big rooms. 

Hostel 2

Good location, private bathrooms in every room, privacy curtains in the bunks, storage lockers for early checkouts but late flights.

*TIP: Book way in advance for St. Patrick’s Day. Not only do prices go up, but so does space. Hence why I had to stay in two different hostels for a 3 night trip*

Venice, Italy – Hostel

Nice location, easy check-in and out, basically a private apartment but with no kitchen. 

Positano, Italy – AirBnb Apartment

This is one of my favorite places in the world, and this Airbnb was in a great location and a great space. Book your trip right now. Not for noisy people, we got in trouble by the old man living below us. 

Edinburgh, Scotland – Hostel

Great spot, excellent staff, clean and comfortable rooms. Only thing I will say is that it’s a lot of stairs (we were put on the top floor, but the bedrooms are basically floors 3+ while some bathrooms and communal areas are on floors 1 and 2). 

Marrakesh, Morocco – AirBnb Apartment

Incredible apartment, excellent host, location could be a little better but it’s not bad. 

$30 Airbnb credit: here

One (or two) pieces of advice or things to do:

Paris, France – Looking to do something a little different? Check out the Catacombs. And yes, it’s 110% worth it to wait in the line to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Vienna, Austria – Definitely check out the Travelshack bar.

Budapest, Hungary – Have a wild night clubbing and then get drunk pizza from Pizza Me. Also, check out Matthias Church’s beautiful tiled roof.

Prague, Czech Republic – Get a trdelnik and also visit the John Lennon Wall.

Dublin, Ireland – Temple Bar (especially on St. Patrick’s Day). Also, make friends!

Venice, Italy – Get lost in the streets and take a gondola ride.

Florence, Italy – Walk up to Piazzale Michaelangelo for that classic tourist picture. Also dine al fresco and reflect on where you are.

Rome, Italy – Walk the entire city and point out/re-enact scenes from the Lizzy McGuire Movie. Hey now, hey now. 

Positano, Italy – Collect teeny, tiny pieces of sea glass and soak up the relaxed vibe. Also, day trip to Capri and/or Pompeii.

Edinburgh, Scotland – Even if your not a Harry Potter fan (I’m not) check out Elephant Cafe where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book

Marrakesh, Morocco – Get lost in the Souks and give up on trying to convert the money in your head

What to eat:

Paris, France – Crepes, bread, macaroons, croissants…

Vienna, Austria – Weiner Schnitzel

Dublin, Ireland – Potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes. Oh, and drink Guinness – it’s actually good over there!

Italy – Pasta, pizza, gelato and wine. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Edinburgh, Scotland – We were told to try haggis, but unfortunately we didn’t get around to it…

Marrakesh, Morocco – Lots of really deliciously spiced meat skewers and mint tea

Hopefully this helps you a little bit if you’re planning to travel to any of these places! Each one was so special and fun. 

x Marissa


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