Hello everyone!

One of my goals for 2017 was to become a BANGS shoe ambassador and I did it! BANGS is a shoe company founded by Hannah Davis and the main mission of this company is to help people find (and fund) their adventure – 20% of their net profit gets invested to help others start their own businesses. The most important thing of all though is of course the product – and these shoes are simple and extremely comfortable. They continue to work on bringing new colors, ways to make yours unique (patches and even coloring in a blank map COMING SOON), and other merch like hoodies, socks, and beanies. Another cool thing about all of this is that they make all of the design decisions based off what the people want. We are invited to cast our vote, leave our comments and opinions, and we even get to have a say in which company they should invest in each time they narrow it down.

In January I joined an amazing crew of people who are inspired by their own adventures to help others find theirs. In a recent text to the founder, Hannah, I praised the program and company. The mentor I work with has been amazing in trying to bond our little northeast group of leaders and team members, the pen pal program they just recently implemented got a huge response and is a fun way to get people to send snail mail again, and the app we use to communicate with other members has been super helpful and has shown me a wide network of people excited and willing to help others whether it’s with a BANGS related project or question, a college visit, advice of places to go, personal advice, and so much more. The community this company has built and continues to grow is just as awesome and inspiring as the company’s mission.

Please feel free to contact me through the form here, my Instagram, or Facebook if you’re interested in joining the BANGS community and would like a sweet discount! Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



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#liveBANGS Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs

xx Marissa

Photo was posted on my Instagram: @marissagabriella


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